Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wednesday Apology

So I know I said I'd do a Wednesday Review today, and I really wanted to, but All The Things are due this week and next, so...  Not so much.

My sincerest apologies.

Theoretically, I could pick something I've read or seen or listened to recently, and write a nice little review of it, but I have something specific in mind for my next review, and it's not something I can pull together quickly.  Because it's not a positive review.  And I feel very strongly about it.  So, yeah.  Not going to rush this one.

Hopefully I'll have it for next week.

So!  What did I do so far this week?

Well, I stayed up really, really late on Sunday night, editing a book for Ashberry Lane.  I really enjoyed it, so I just kept going.  Probably should've looked at the time more often.  Just a little more to go, and I realized it was after 2am.  But at that point, you might as well just finish, so I did.

Monday I had class, ran some errands, and actually looked at the heap of research materials I found for my final paper in one of my classes.

Because I stayed up late Sunday night, I also stayed up late Monday night, so I slept in on Tuesday, went to my Copyright class (where we talked about intellectual property issues with nonfiction works).  I ran some errands afterward, and actually looked at the heap of research materials I found for my final paper in my publishing class.  I also played guitar!  And went for a walk.  I overdid both of those a little - my hands and feet didn't like it.

Stupid tendinitis.

Today was pretty good.  Stayed up too late again last night, but I had a good publishing class.  My mock publishing company group is starting to really get organized.  Which is good, because the drafts of All The Things are due next Monday.  After class, I had to visit the registrar real quick, then high-tailed it to the bus stop so I could meet J for lunch at the Bavarian Sausage place in Tigard.  I got to the bus stop.  And realized that in my haste, I had left my thermos full of tea in the computer lab.


I went back and got it, and my bus was just pulling away from the stop when I rounded the corner on my way back.  But that's all right!  The next bus was only about 4 minutes behind it.  Maybe that first one was running late, or the second was early.  Maybe both!  I don't really care.  I was just glad to get on the road.

J and I had a good time chatting over lunch, and I got some nice German-style bread to take home with me.  Bavarian Sausage is a nice little store and deli.  They have pretty much all the German chocolate products you could want, although I didn't get any today.

I went for another long walk today, and my feet are feeling it again.  I also have a blister forming, so I cut some moleskin.  Good thing I'm on campus all day tomorrow and won't have a chance to walk - taking a day or two off seems to be in order.

And that's about it!

Except that I've been slowly reading through C. S. Lewis's Poems on the commute, and some of them are just so excellent.  So far, I especially like or am intrigued by A Confession, Donkey's Delight, The Country of the Blind, On Being Human, The Late Passenger, An Expostulation, On a Vulgar Error, The Future or Forestry, On the Atomic Bomb, On a Theme From Nicolas of Cusa, The Salamander, Pattern, Reason, To Andrew Marvell, Wormwood, Divine Justice, and Eden's Courtesy.  That's where I left off - Eden's Courtesy is the last poem I read in the book today on my way home.  Really glad I bought this book.

Mine has different cover art...

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