Monday, February 9, 2015

Blustery Day

Well, it's been lightly raining more or less for days and days and days.  Thanks, Portland.  :/

Still, I managed to visit Mom and Dad on Saturday, which was very nice.  By a strange coincidence, one of Mom's friends made a home movie using a Taylor Swift song that Mom absolutely loved (Never Grow Up), so I went ahead and introduced her to some clips on YouTube.  Now my parents are both sort of fans.  Who knew?

Uh-oh, the lights just flickered again.

So it's been raining all morning, with a gusty breeze.  I'm actually really glad I don't need to drive over the 205 bridge today, because I had enough gusts driving on 217 between Pacific Hwy and I-5!  It's a blustery day, if I ever saw one.  Hopefully the wind won't get worse and start pulling trees out of the ground.

Hmm.  Two more light flickers.  I'd better wrap this up!!

(And another two flickers - yikes!!!)

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