Friday, December 23, 2016


It’s winter break!! I have four weeks off between terms, and I’m spending all of it in Indiana with my family. My introverted self has a bed made up in the kids’ play room, since all the bedrooms are occupied by nine other people (six adults and three children age six and under). Exhausted from a long, hectic fall term, I’ve spent my time here helping Dad finish a house, running errands with Mom, staying up super late with my siblings, playing with the kids, editing a book, and starting a brand new freelance job.

Such great R&R. ;)

I exaggerate, of course. I mean, I have done all those things, but I’ve also slept in, hung out at Barnes & Nobel, and meandered through two great art galleries. I enjoy helping Dad by insulating doorways and painting baseboards. I have a great time hanging out with Mom and staying up late to reminisce and play games. And between my Mom and two sisters-in-law (and their husbands), I haven’t had to cook once! As for my freelance work, the editing is fun and the new gig is exciting.

Still, when I was mentally preparing myself for spending four weeks surrounded by people and activity, I started feeling a bit protective of my “vacation” time. I penciled in short, periodic side trips by myself to other cities. I asked my brother to figure out some kind of locking mechanism for the French doors of my make-shift bedroom. I reminded myself that I would be on vacation, and that I needed this break.