Sunday, February 23, 2014

Quick Update

Here's where I'm at with my poetry book:  I have almost finished whittling down the poems I want to include in the book.  I thought I had finished, and sent it out to a few friends and family for feedback, but the very next day I was thinking, "That one doesn't really fit.  And that one isn't very good.  This one I need to work on, but then it should be good to go."  And then, three days ago I wrote a new poem that fits the theme of the book, so that one will be added.  The process is clearly on-going.  As I am waiting on feedback and still making changes, the book will also clearly not be ready by the end of the month.  Instead of projecting out another soft deadline (because I'm making the deadlines, I get to move them, and for me, the quality is more of a priority right now than speed), I'll just be posting updates until it's finished and ready to go.

Some basic information about the book:  The working title is To Do This Right.  This is taken from one of the poems that will definitely be in the collection.  I have decided the type of cover art I want, and I may have decided the exact cover art for the book, but I'm still looking around.  The basic theme of the book is the joys and struggles of walking with God in a season of uncertainty.  The poems form a kind of a scatter plot around it - some of them are about exactly that, some less so, but they all have a basic unifying feeling that relates to the theme.

If you've read the rest of my blog, you know that I tend to write poems that rhyme.  All but one of the poems in To Do This Right are rhyming poems, at least at present.  I will say that I recently bought Horoscopes for the Dead, a collection of poems by Billy Collins (which are not at all morbid).  These poems are all free verse, and having read the whole collection, I wrote my first truly free verse poem yesterday.  And I liked it.  It will not be in To Do This Right, unfortunately, because it has absolutely nothing to do with the theme of the book.

I also took the important modern authorial step of creating a Twitter account.  I had one before, but I never really did anything with it, so I deleted it some time ago.  I have created a new one, @rmlulich.

So there's my update.  Considering that I work full time, volunteer with Civil Air Patrol and at church (by singing in the choir), and currently have a rather wretched cold, I'm happy with my progress.