Saturday, February 21, 2015

Beach Trip

Well, Mom and I ran away to the coast yesterday afternoon.  We've both been tired and not feeling great, and we thought the 'sea air' might do us some good.  ;)  We headed for Proposal Rock on the central coast, stopping on the way for a snack of roasted filberts with bacon and rosemary at Red Hills Market.

We arrived, threw our stuff into our room, and hit the beach.  Here in Neskowin, Oregon, the Proposal Rock Inn is located between two creeks which join forces once they reach the sandy beach.  We're in a creek-side room with an ocean view. Proposal Rock is right there, and there's a nice wide stretch of sandy beach to walk along in both directions and look for sand dollars and other shells.  We scampered along as the tide was going out, even taking off our shoes and rolling up our jeans to go test the waters.

The weather's remarkably nice for the Oregon coast in February.  Sunny, blue skies, not terribly windy (for the coast), and not freezing!

This morning we got up and went walking on the beach again; the tide was out and starting to come in.  I managed to get too close to the little incoming waves and got my shoes and socks and jeans all wet, but whatever - it's all part of the experience.  They'll dry.

The little store here at the Inn has some great-looking freshly backed goodies, including some fantastic maple bars - I had one for breakfast.  Best-looking (and tasting) maple bars I've had in a very long time.

After our walk this morning, we made a proper breakfast (Mom made a fritatta), and proceeded to paint.  Mom's working on some water color beach scenes, and I started an acrylic on a small canvass.  I've got the base layers of sky, Proposal Rock, the creek and the sandy beach down.  Once they dry, I'll start building in detail and more colors.  So much fun!

Anyway, I don't know what else we'll be doing today.  Probably take a drive at some point, and go back on the beach later.  And at some point, I'll practice the guitar I brought with me!

Renaissance on the Coast.

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