Monday, January 5, 2015

International Lunch Feast

Think of it as an alternative to the picnic lunch.

You're heading home from your first day of classes.  It's lunch time.  You know you don't have anymore ready-made food or leftovers at home.  You're thinking about how long it will take to make that spaghetti and meat sauce.  You realize you're about to pass by Barbur World Foods on your way home.

There's really no decision to make.

So you stop and head in.  You're not there for the produce.  You're not there for the few regular groceries they have.  You're there for the deli, and whatever else looks interesting.

They have a whole bunch of stuff in the deli that you recognize from your visit to the Mediterranean, so you get some sambousak, some spanikopita, a fatayer spinach pie, a couple of kibbeh, and some other thing that looks familiar but you can't remember the name of.  You weren't planning on getting any condiments, but you go ahead and sample the hummus, baba ghanouj and tatziki, and boy are you glad you did.

You grab a house-made maamoul for dessert and some pita bread for the condiments, then decide to go ahead and check out the rest of the store.  To your great delight, you find the same brand of mango and guava nectar that you drank in Jordan, and the lesser-known Schogetten brand of chocolate you enjoyed in Germany.

Eager to sample your treasures, you hurry home and stick an unlikely amount of food on a plate for an International Feast of Epic Proportions.

Who can name the forgotten item at 9 o'clock?  Anyone?

You should try it some time.


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