Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Back to School

Today marks my third day back in college. I've had two classes; today will be day two of my first class.  So far, so good!

I've been trying out taking the bus to campus, and that's been working out well enough. It's nice to be able to read during the commute. You know.

As for the classes themselves, I like what I've seen so far. I'm taking a class on book publishing. We had some reading homework that probably should have been really dry but that I found fascinating.* The syllabus looks good - we're going to form mock publishing companies, and one day we're taking a field trip to Powell's because, in the words of the prof, 'why not'?

The other class promises to be more interesting than you'd think. It's all about intellectual property and copyright laws. Uch. Thankfully, the prof isn't trying to turn us all into lawyers - he seems really chill and fun. Although I haven't yet done any of the reading for that course, what we went over in class was interesting and informative. There is hope.

So here I am, Wednesday morning, eating breakfast while I type. I made the mistake of finishing my publishing reading last night before bed. I had a hard time getting to sleep, thanks to all the resulting thoughts and ideas competing for my attention. I may spend my commutes today jotting down some of those instead of reading. We'll see.

Oh! What am I reading on my commutes? Your God is too Small, by J. B. Phillips. It's a pretty small book, but it's very compact - it says a lot in a small amount of space. I'm a little over halfway through. It's pretty interesting.

Well...I guess that's about it. Next week I'll be doing a new Wednesday Review on the movie, The Book Thief (it's quite excellent). I was going to do it today, but it felt rushed - this one deserves proper treatment.

So. Until next time!

*With the exception of about four pages in one of the books, talking about things like paper weights and cost/profit margins or something.