Saturday, January 17, 2015

Fireplace Mishap

Normally I would have blogged yesterday and/or today. Indeed, I opened this window with the express purpose of writing a new entry. But instead I wrote a post for my other blog, and now my brain seems to be done for the day.

Oh! Last night Dad came over for dinner and a movie, and we put a presto log thing in the fireplace. Dad opened the fireplace doors so more of the heat would come in - the smoke still goes up the chimney. Until the fire is dying. Then the smoke goes into the kitchen.

Thankfully we noticed before it set off the smoke detectors. All that extra heat was immediately gone as we opened doors to air the place out, lol. Thanks, Dad.

And that's my fun story for the day. Brainpower reserves are too low to think of anything else. Plus, it's six o'clock.

Time for a sandwich.


  1. Your fireplace story made me laugh! Love it! Glad it didn't set off your smoke detectors, those can be really loud and annoying.

    1. Yes they are!! You'd think my former-volunteer-firefighter Dad would've known better... :)