Monday, April 13, 2015

Weekend? What Weekend?

Well that was some weekend.  That Faith and Culture Writer's Conference was all day Friday (I was there for 13 hours), and most of the day Saturday (11 hours).  Then after the conference on Saturday I went and had dinner with Dad - didn't get home until late.  Needless to say, I didn't get any homework done, and I had quite a bit of weekend homework.

But that's alright!  Because the next day was Sunday.  So I slept in (needed to), went to church, had lunch with the Young Professionals group at Olive Garden,* then I headed to campus to do some homework in the computer lab.  Three formatted articles later, I zipped off to my church Care Group (and was only half an hour late getting there!), then back home for more homework.  I did the rest of it on the bus commute to class this morning.  Not exactly my M.O., but it was worth it - that conference was fantastic.

I'll be working hard this week to catch up and get ahead, because this Friday and Saturday...?  I'm going to an apologetics conference.  Yep.

Who needs weekends, anyway?

Meanwhile, I just discovered that Google has an awesome Pony Express game going!

*Would you believe they're not serving Italian sodas anymore?!

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