Monday, April 27, 2015

Set Productivity Levels to 'Maximum'

I was super productive yesterday.  Super productive.  Here's what I did:

1. Slept in.

2. Went to church.

3. Went to a post-church fellowship lunch; took cookies I made the night before.

4. Read my Devotional, Faith's Checkbook, by Charles Spurgeon.

5. Met Dad and Ben for an early-ish dinner at Nona Emilia.  Such pizza!

6. Accidentally found Faith Bible Christian School, where I attended pre-school; used their parking lot to turn around when I had to make a wrong turn.

7. Relaxed by playing my favorite computer game, Civilization III, for about an hour and a half.

8. Practiced my guitar.

9. Did one piece of Publishing Lab homework.

10. Did a second piece of Publishing Lab homework.

11. Did a third piece of Publishing Lab homework.

12. Reflected on how glad I was that I had done the remaining piece of Publishing Lab homework on Thursday after class.

13. Remembered a fifth piece of Publishing Lab homework; did it.

14. Did Fiction Writing homework.  This one involved a good deal of procrastination by way of checking email and facebook and reading the news.

15. Wrote in my journal.

16. Read my Bible.

17. Went to sleep.

Not bad, eh?

Today was a pretty good day, too.  I went to campus early, used the computer lab for a bit, then met up with Ben at Contrary, a nice little coffee shop right in the midst of campus.  I brought some books with me for Ben to take out to Indiana with him when he visits our brother Steven; a few picture books for my nephew Ezekiel's birthday and an old Greek New Testament for Steven.  Ben brought a piece of music written by German composer Alban Berg.  Together we worked out the meanings of all the musical notes that were in German - it was a lot of fun!

After the translation exercise and conversation, Ben left and I headed off for my four hours of classes.  I stopped by Barbur World Foods on my way home to get some tzatziki and ended up getting a bunch of other stuff, too (it happens).  It was 80 degrees today* so the freshly baked flat bread and nice cool tzatziki made for a refreshing dinner.  I don't mind saying I took an after-dinner nap** before tackling my poetry homework for tomorrow.

My poetry class is pretty good.  We have a poetry writer's journal in which we're supposed to record our thoughts about poetry and writing poetry.  Then we have in-class poetry writes every day, plus a weekly out-of-class exercise, plus a weekly poem for workshop.  So I write 3-4 poems each week for that class.  Not bad.

Token Blog Photo: The notebook in which I currently write all poetry.

Anyway, I feel very productive, all-around.

*In April.  In Oregon!  That just doesn't happen...^

**Because you don't get that much done on a Sunday without staying up a couple hours past your bedtime.

^After two or three days of moderately chilly, damp weather.  And tomorrow is supposed to be rainy with a high of 58.  I ask you.