Friday, April 3, 2015

Friday Report: Many Splendid Things

First, let me interrupt this blog post before it begins properly and tell you that I'm having a week-long sale on my poetry book (April 3-9).  Use this discount code ( 9VG8LSGT ) and get 10% off!  Pretty snazzy.

Anyway!  The first week of the new term is over, and I am liking it.  Here's what went down:

1.  I'm happy with my classes.  I figured out how to do my homework for Publishing Lab, I'm enjoying writing exercises and short stories in my Fiction Writing class, I'm having fun reading and writing poetry in my Poetry Writing class, and I absolutely LOVE my Children's Book Publishing class.  Love.*

2.  I bought a couple of LEGOs to complete my arctic City sets.**

The ship, which was the first set I got last year.

The base camp (plus pieces from the ship set) that I just got.

The outpost, with the helo from the base camp set, that I just got.

The ship's captain and ship's helo pilot having coffee.
Sigh.  So much fun.^

3.  I put a puzzle together.

Notice the library keeps going and going into other huge rooms...

4.  I signed up for a not cheap Faith and Culture writing conference next weekend (my tax return dollars at work).  I even signed up for a pitch session with an agent.  Yikes!

5.  I've been enjoying some classical music CDs that my brother Steven sent me - been listening to some Beethoven symphonies and such while I build puzzles and Legos and do homework.  Thanks, Steven!

6.  On a related note, I've discovered that I'm a Sibelius fan even when I don't know the music is his - I was listening to classical radio today on my drive home, really enjoying a lovely piece of music that I found out was Sibelius.  I called Ben and left a message on his phone since it was his concerts that introduced me to this composer.

7.  I started reading an article in an old copy of Christianity and Literature journal, called Sir Thomas Browne, Screwtape, and the "Amphibians" of Narnia, by Benita Huffman Muth (because The Seven Tales of Trinket is proving difficult to get through), and I really, really like the article - it's very interesting!

8.  I should be going on a fishing trip tomorrow - floating down a river for steelhead (provided we don't get rained out...).  I kind of hope I catch a fish (obviously), but I kind of hope I don't, because I'm not sure fighting a big ol' figh'n' fish won't result in the death of my hands.  I mean, if playing the guitar for half and hour bothers them...

9.  I had a good time writing this blog post.

P.S.  Did you see how I arranged all the LEGO mini-figures in the pictures so they're all actively doing something?  ;)


**I don't own all the sets, but all four that I wanted.

^I have plans to build, out of my own head, a kennel for the sled dogs and a greenhouse.  Oh, boy!


  1. You are hilarious, fun, informative, adventurous, and very entertaining. Enjoyed your post. Love your new Lego's. Hope you catch a docile fish. lol!