Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Weekend

Well, I don't know about you, but I had a fantastic (and exhausting) weekend.

On Fridays I don't have class, so I slept in.  Always very important.  Later, I ran some errands and went to campus to do some homework in the computer lab.  Then I talked Dad into going fishing with me the next day, and had him spend the night.

On Saturday, Dad and I went Steelhead fishing.  My friend Erica's husband Joel is a pretty serious fisherman, and he graciously took us to one of the coastal rivers* to try for some fish.  Joel has a really nice fishing raft for floating the rivers.

Dad and I got up at 4:00 (in the morning...) and drove over to Erica and Joel's.  We followed Joel to the river, witnessing most of the total lunar eclipse (which was cool because the moon was huge), and later the sunrise.  We parked our car at the pick-up spot and we all drove with Joel to the boat slide.  We got into the river and started floating.

When we got to a good spot to stop, Joel taught us how to fish for Steelhead.  On one of the last practice casts, we hooked a fish!  Dad reeled it in, Joel explained why we wouldn't keep it (I can't remember if it was wild, or already spawned and its way back to the ocean - in which case, it was skinny and no good), then expertly removed the hook and let it go.  We caught a little cutthroat trout next, which we also let go.  Then we headed down the river.

It took a while to really get the hang of it all - it's been a long time since either of us had been fishing, and Dad's not used to Steelhead fishing tactics - but we got better as we went along.  All in all, we spent ten or eleven hours on the water** and caught 14 fish (and landed 8 of them).  We didn't keep any (same reasons we let the first one go), but we certainly had a lot of fun.  I was relieved to find that fighting in a Steelhead wasn't as hard on my hands as I thought it would be, thanks no doubt to Joel's instructions on how to brace the pole.

We watched the sun set driving back, witnessing a blood moon, if I'm not mistaken.  Again, it was quite large - really cool looking.  We got back to my place at around 9:00 pm.  That's a long day.

Needless to say I slept quite well Saturday night (and for quite a long time).  I'm still not fully recovered, lol.

Sunday was Easter!  I slept in as much as I could, then went to church.  It was a really nice service, and we sang a few hymns mixed in with the praise songs, which I enjoyed - I love some of those wonderful hymns.  We sang Christ the Lord is Risen Today, among others - one of the greats.  One of the couples in the church gave their testimony as well, which was really good to hear.

After church I went over to Aunt M and Uncle B's house.  I got to hang out with them and catch up with my cousin Kevin and see his kids.  We had bacon and waffles with strawberries and plenty of candy.  Eventually I went home to finish my weekend homework.  Then I went to Barnes and Noble - also for homework!

You see, in my Children's Book Publishing class, part of our homework is to read a bunch of children's books - picture books, easy readers, chapter books, and middle grade, and assess them.^  So I went to look at some picture books.  I read (or started reading) several before I found one worth keeping.  It's called When a Dragon Moves In,*^ by Jodi Moore and illustrated by Howard McWilliam, and it is excellent.  I loved it - so much fun.  So I bought it!  I'll give it to my nephews, because it's a great book.

The artwork really captures the imaginative spirit of this book!

Because I was at Barnes and Noble, and because I am me, I also got a few more middle grade books - including the newest Penderwicks installment by Jeanne Birdsall - The Penderwicks in Spring.  I can't wait to read it - I love the Penderwick books.  I almost never buy middle grade books in hardcover,**^ but I make an exception for the new Penderwick stories.

And that was pretty much my weekend.  Loved it.

*I am not at liberty to reveal which river.

**My body thought I was on the boat for the rest of the night - laying on my mattress felt a little like a water bed.

^This is homework?!

*^Looks like another one's coming out in the fall: When a Dragon Moves in Again.

**^I wait for them to come out in paperback a year later because they're so much cheaper.

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