Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Busiest Time of the Year

Short post today, because 'it's the most busiest time of the year'.  :)

So, I love winter - it's always been my favorite season.  Occupational hazard when you grow up in Central Oregon, really.  Snow, crisp air, Christmas...what's not to like?  It's also a very busy time, so the days seem to fly past and this part of the season seems short, adding to the magical feeling.

This year, I've been caught up with getting settled into my new apartment (I made stew yesterday!), getting ready to go back to school again in January, figuring out finances, getting started with some editing for Ashberry Lane, catching up with family and friends I haven't seen in a long time, doing NaNoWriMo, and so forth.

For example: Yesterday I spent the morning running college-related errands, followed by normal errands.  In the afternoon/evening I was editing. Then I watched Ella Enchanted on Netflix at Mom's request - she had just seen it and thought it was hilariously ridiculous.  I had seen it once a long time ago and sort of vaguely remembered it, so I went ahead and re-watched it.  It's somethin' else... But I have to say, even in a crazy movie like that, you can tell Anne Hathaway is a good actor.*

Today, I drove up to Mom and Dad's mid-morning.  Dad was out for the count with a cold, so Mom and I took a nice walk along the river, went over to Aunt Debbie's to drop off a few things, and headed out to a store to look at toys for my nephews (Mom's grandkids). I spied a European Foods market, so we went in for a look.  90% of it was in Russian.  I got a nice spiced cabbage hand pie that reminded me of all the times I've lived abroad.  Wonderful.

Next, we went to The Happiest Place On Earth: Barnes and Noble.  I got a couple books for my older nephew,** but the real fun was running into Aunt Mary!  We were also treated to some local talent - they had kids from the local Vancouver School of Arts and Academics there performing throughout the afternoon.  We basically heard an instrumental ensemble, an ensemble choir, and saw part of a production of Little Women.  So much fun!

After that, we went home, fixed poor Dad some soup, and took off for my cousin Sierrha's Christmas party, which was a lot of fun - I'll blog about it on Monday.

So much to do, so little time, but all of it enjoyable.

*I did have to cleanse my early Anne Hathaway palate a little after that movie, though; I watched the scene from the Princess Diaries II, wherein Julie Andrews sings again.  Such a fantastic moment.

**Did you know Emma Thompson is writing new Peter Rabbit books?!  If it was just anyone, I'd be affronted, but she's such a good writer - I think it's awesome.  I particularly liked the Christmas book.

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