Monday, December 22, 2014

I'm Back (Sort Of)

It's been a long week.  Very very very long.

A trip to Sunriver with family should be perfect, and because it's Sunriver, it was still nice,* but my goodness.  Five out of the eight of us were sick all or most of the week.  And with varying illnesses.  I caught the cold Dad had mostly recovered from just a few days before we left.  Dad relapsed.  (We both partially lost our voices at one point.) Mom got a bad cough. Four-year-old Ezekiel got an ear infection, fever, etc, and Steven had a virus.  That left only Ben, Meredith and 2-year-old Nehemiah still standing.  Ugh.

Me?  I'm still sick, but feeling quite a bit better today.  Saturday and Sunday were pretty rough.

But hey! Despite all the sickness, we still had some fun.  A few of us played cribbage during breaks from all the chaos.  We went to Goody's,** of course, which was awesome.  I had a Turtle Sunday (the best!) before I got sick, and a scoop of some amazingly delicious pumpkin pie ice cream one day when I was feeling better.

And of course we went over to the lodge (the Resort) to show Ezekiel and Nehemiah the gingerbread houses!

Here are a few:

That one's pretty cool.

It's a Hobbit Hole!

Classic style house.

Camp Abbot!

And the reindeer corral and shed.

Good times.

We had some good fun before everyone got really sick, too.  The drive up was nice.

We went over Mount Hood.

And the boys got to explore a little, Sunriver style.

Nehemiah got to climb a rock at Fort Rock Park.

Ezekiel braved an icy wooden bridge.

And then we left the playground behind.

Ah, lava rock.  So much fun to climb.

Nehemiah got to explore quite a bit, too.

We also had a tree!

Like my new TARDIS ornament?

So, even though it was not the best trip, health-wise, we still had fun.

Because Central Oregon.^

*I know Disneyland/world says it's the 'happiest place on earth', but they are wrong.  Sunriver is the happiest place on earth.

**The best Ice Cream, Chocolate and Candy store ever.  The Sunriver store was the first.

^Part of the Seven Wonders of Oregon.  Best advertising campaign ever.  Watch all the videos!

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