Monday, December 15, 2014

Fun in Sunriver

Other than this quick post, I may not blog this week - I'm in Sunriver with family, so...  Holiday hiatus, perhaps.

It's great to be in Sunriver.  It's cold and extremely dry, of course, but the stars are amazing and last night it snowed a little - that nice squeaky, crunchy, dry Central Oregon snow.  Perfect.*

Yesterday Steven and I went to Redmond to pick up Ben, and the whole way we kept catching glimpses of Mount Hood.  You can't always see Hood from here, but even when you can, we had never, ever seen it like this.  Crystal clear and so big, at first I thought it was Mount Jefferson,** we could see the entire mountain down to the tree line.  Beautiful.

Of course, we could also see all the other mountains, but that's normal!

All the mountains look great covered with snow.  They all look slightly bigger, too.^

The Nephews had their first experience playing outside in Sunriver yesterday.  They loved it, of course - this whole place is a big adventure playground.  We got out tree last night and decorated it.  It was fun to hang out with Aunt Debbie and Uncle Kevin, and Aunt Mary in the morning before they headed home.

Yeah.  Basically having a lovely time.  May or may not see you Wednesday and Friday.

Merry Christmas!

*Unless you want to build a snowman or make snowballs to throw.  Then you may want a wetter snow.  It makes great powder for skiing, though!

**And that my memory of just how big Jefferson is from here must be faulty.

^Which makes sense - of course you'll notice a difference in size between a bare mountain in summer and a winter mountain with 20 feet all over it.

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