Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Party

On Saturday, I went to a Christmas/Birthday party for my cousin Sierrha and her husband Dirk.  This is my story.

Sierrha and Dirk know how to throw a party.  They have a great house for entertaining, and they go all out with food and drink.  Check it out:

Snacks for grazing.

More substantial fare.

I didn't take a picture of the fridge, but I should have - it was packed with sodas and, to my delight, individual serving bottles of sparkling cider.  They also had jello shots inside strawberries, and I think vodka soaked gummy bears.  I didn't have any of those, but they looked pretty!

Yep - they have their own little tap. Pretty cool, really.

And let's not forget the sweets:

Pie Cake (or is it Cake Pie?) - Sierrha made this!

She made this, too - best caramel corn I've ever had.

Bowls of Christmas-y chocolates were everywhere.

They had a bunch of fun stuff to do, as well: Nerf guns would occasionally be fired, the place had plenty of decor to admire, and they had a little 'photo booth' with a small Polaroid-type camera.

Me, Mom and Aunt Debbie.

Dad stayed home with a bad cold, and Mom was pretty tired from taking care of him, so we went home after just a couple of hours.  Unfortunately, we left right when the White Elephant Gift Exchange started, and after that was games.

Still, we had a really fun time while we were there.  :)

Thanks Sierrha!!

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