Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Poetry Book Update

Well.  It's taken me forever, but I'm finally done with all the organization, all the editing, and even (incredibly) a cover design.*

So what's left?  The book is being looked over by the powers that be, then I'll check to make sure my new cover design saved correctly, then I'll fix it if it didn't, then I'll look at an online proof, then I'll be done!  I'll order a few copies for myself, and I'll put it up for sale!  Hard to believe.  I'm so close!

For now, I have to wait.

You may be wondering what this alleged poetry book actually contains.  It contains 62 lyric poems of faith.  They're all about the Christian life, as I know it.  The poems are divided into four sections: Prayers and Praises, Calling, Musings, and Mystery.

Now that it's done (for all intents and purposes), I'm feeling rather giddy with excitement about it.  Now that it's done, I'm happy with it.  Now that it's done, I feel a sense of completion.  And now that it's done, perhaps I can finally move on with my poetic life and start working on poems for a new collection.**

So anyway, thank you to everyone who has ever spent any time in prayer for me and my book, and to all the people who took the time to help me put it together.  We're almost there.

*I even wrote a back-of-the-book blurb I feel happy about!  And let me tell you, that was not easy.

**I already know what it's going to be, but so far I only have three poems for it.  That's not enough.