Friday, October 6, 2017

Micro-Play #1

During the 2015-2016 school year, I took a series of dramatic writing classes. One of our exercises was to write seven plays in seven days, in the spirit of Suzan-Lori Parks' 365 Days / 365 Plays.

I accepted the challenge, and wrote what I call a 'micro-play' every day for a week. This is the first:

1. Fine Time for Philosophy

Tom                Suppose I don’t chase you.
Jerry               Imagine that.
Tom                Suppose you don’t run.
Jerry               Fat chance.
Tom                It’s nature versus nurture.
                        We don’t have to be enemies.
Jerry               We have been all this time. That’s nature plus nurture.
Tom                We could be friends.
Jerry               Upon what basis of trust?
Tom                I’m speaking hypothetically.

(shift, meaning a distinct pause in which the players make an internal transition)

Jerry               Alright. Upon what basis of trust, hypothetically?
Tom                Something could be different.
                        You’ve seen The Fox and the Hound?
Jerry               It’s a movie.
Tom                It’s a symbol.
Jerry               Ok. It’s a symbol.
Was that nature or nurture?
Tom                Too convoluted to tell.
Jerry               (Gestures as if to say, ‘Then why bring it up?’)

(leisurely shift)

Tom                I wonder…
Jerry               Are there only two choices?*               Tom    Is there another choice?*


Tom                What would be the third choice?
Jerry               Nothing. There is no third.


Jerry               Unless you allow for miracle.
Tom                What?
Jerry              Miracle.
Tom                So… Nature, nurture … and miracle?
Jerry              The lion and the lamb.
Tom                Hm.
Jerry               Problem?
Tom                Nature equals the base.
Jerry               Nurture equals the variables of circumstance.
Tom                Miracle…
Jerry               Miracle equals the supernatural element.


Tom                I can’t think of another third.
Jerry               There is no other third.
Tom                Nature is against us.
                        Nurture is against us.
Jerry               Miracle is what could be different.
Tom                Then I guess you’d better run.
Jerry               Huh?
Tom                 I don’t believe in God.

*spoken simultaneously

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