Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Customer Service Micro-Play

A lot of the micro-plays I've written are a little abstract. That might not be the right word... I think non-realism might be more correct. At any rate, such is the case with the third in my series of seven plays in seven days.* (You can read my first effort here.) In class, I definitely felt more comfortable with non-realism, so imagine my surprise when the first full-length, 2-act, 90-minute play I wrote was pretty much realism!

Anyway, here's a non-realism micro-play for your enjoyment:

3. Customer Service

A     Hi, welcome to FedEx Office. How can I help you?
B     Hello?
A     Hello…
B     Can you help me?
A     Sure. What can I do for you?
B     I don’t understand.
A     Um… Do you need something shipped? Copies made? Fliers?
B     (bewildered)
A     Business cards?
B     Can you help me?
A     What is it you need help with?
B     I don’t know.
A     Are you … alright?
B     I don’t know!
A     I’m sorry…
B     Can you HELP me?!
A     I don’t understand.
B     Please.
A     Let me just go get my manager.

A leaves.

B     You don’t understand.

*Yes, I skipped micro-play #2. It's not very interesting. :)

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