Monday, March 9, 2015

Baby Step to Spring Break

Spring break is almost upon us, ladies and gentlemen.  I have one research paper down and one to go; I have a comparison paper still to write; I have a portfolio to assemble and a presentation to give for a group project.  And that, my friends, is all that is standing between me and the ability to take full advantage of the ridiculous early spring weather we have been having here in the Willamette Valley.

Meanwhile, it's one of those truly rare, startling evenings when you're thinking it would be a great idea to go get some really unhealthy, bad fast food, like a double cheeseburger with fries and a chocolate milkshake at McDonald's.


I'm not actually going to do that, but it's tempting.

I don't have any plans for Spring break yet.  I'm sure I'll be hanging out with family and friends, but I don't know when and I don't know where.  I think a trip to the coast might be in order, and perhaps the Columbia River Gorge, as well.  Hopefully I can get up to Seattle to visit my brother, too.


  1. Chuckled at your fast food reference. Did something just like this afternoon ... only it was a hot roast beef sandwich [minus the mash potatoes]. All that starchy gravy and air bread.

    1. Nice. That kind of thing can be so delicious when you're not eating it all the time. :)