Friday, March 27, 2015

Clarinets and Nerdy Jokes

How did I start my spring break?  By visiting my brother in Seattle.

I took the train up on Saturday night.  Provided you get a decent price on the tickets, it's cheaper than driving, and a lot easier - I usually read on the trip, and you certainly can't do that behind the wheel.

So I got up to Seattle and Ben picked me up at the train station.  The next day I went to a Seattle Symphony matinee concert - they're doing a series of Sibelius concerts, and this was week two - symphonies 3 and 4, and the violin concerto.  It was really good - I've decided I like Sibelius.*

The next day we went up to Canada to visit Backun Musical Services.  Ben got his new gold Cocobolo MoBa clarinets from them, so we went up to get some fine-tuning work done on them.  Due to a Facebook exchange, I took Morrie Backun a piece of chocolate cake from Seattle's Metropolitan Grill.**

Much playing, tweaking, and story-telling ensued.  Then I got a tour of the factory, which was really, really cool - how often do you get to tour a place that makes musical instruments?  It was fun.

Ben and I also had fun on our own.  The night before visiting Backun, we stayed up very late inventing Doctor Who jokes.^  Some of them are pretty corny, of course, but we're pleased with the results overall.  They're mostly knock knock jokes (how it all started), but we did make up a couple others.  Good times.

Anyway, that's mostly what we did during my visit - clarinet stuff and Doctor Who jokes.  What more can you want?

*Even if the 4th symphony does end rather abruptly.
**I think we're best friends now.  ;)
^Knock Knock.  (Who's there?)  River.  (River who?)  Spoilers...

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