Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Fun

Winter term is over!!!!

To celebrate, I have a little treat for you all.

Back in 2011, I got to experience an altitude chamber.  We donned helmets with masks for oxygen, and went up to a simulated altitude of 25,000 feet.  Then we did some exercises.

I remember doing a color exercise - we looked at a placard with different colors on it with the lights on and off, and with our masks on and off.  Turns out when your brain is oxygen deprived, your eyes don't work the same, and the colors completely changed.

Next, they had us remove our masks and try to fill out a worksheet.  I kept mine, and have scanned it below, for your amusement.  I remember filling out the top portion of the left-hand side of the sheet, then doing the easy ones on the right-hand side, then I went back to the bottom left and...well, you can see how the hypoxia was affecting me.  :)


I'm happy to say that shortly after writing "shakey hands" as the answer to 'What's your answer plus our present altitude', I took the appropriate corrective action and gangloaded my regulator and re-donned my mask to get oxygen.  :)

Oh, look!  A bonus!* (We did not do this particular exercise when I went.)

*Some of it's a bit loud (followed by a few seconds of silence), so watch your ears.

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