Saturday, November 1, 2014

From the Vaults: Halloween Tale

While unpacking a few boxes in search of some important paperwork, I stumbled upon a couple of stories I wrote as a child.  One of them I recall writing in the fourth grade.

We had been told to write a Halloween story (too bad I didn't find this yesterday), and the small sheets of paper are mounted on black construction paper and all stapled together to form a 'book'.  Observe:

Turns out black construction paper is hard to photograph.

I remember not being thrilled with the assignment - we weren't big into Halloween.

In the interests of general amusement and proving that child writers should be encouraged (because hey, look how I started), I shall transcribe the story here.


Rachel Lulich

It was a dark stormy night.  Worst of all, it was a Halloween night. Everything was foggy and it was pitch black. The moon was full but it was blocked by the clouds. Deep in the forest there was a deserted house, at least people though [sic] it was deserted. But there was one boy who was 13 years old and was in 8th grade and was named Steven.  He decided to investigate the house. For he didn't believe the house was deserted.

Steven was a boy who loved any kind of adventure or mystery. So he packed up his back-pack and headed for the woods. He was kind of scared because of the rumors about people going in the forest and never coming out again. But Steven tried to be brave and kept walking.

All of  a sudden, Steven stopped. He heard a strange sound. The sound was footsteps behind him. Something or someone was following him. He slowly turned around, but nothing was there. So he started walking very slowly again. Then, all of a sudden, he heard the noise again. But this time Steven didn't stop to look around. Instead, he started to run. He soon heard the footsteps trail off. And he ran faster and faster, trying to spread more distance between him and the thing. He ran faster then [sic] he'd ever run before!

Who was after him? Or what was after him? Why was whatever was after him, after him? His thoughts flased [sic] very quickly through his mind as he dashed through the dark woods with a small flashlight, not offering very much light, which caused him to have to turn very sharply in order not to run into any tall trees or bushes. He was not sure if the thing was still followig [sic] him. He also wasn't sure about this mystery now either, but he kept running. He wasn't about to let anything sneak up on him now. He soon grew tired from running so fast and forst [sic] himself to look back before he attempted to stop and rest. He was releived [sic] to see that nothing was behind him wich [sic] meant, he could rest. But way down deep inside of him, there was an eerie feeling that he was not alone in the woods. He also had a feeling that he was lost. He wasn't sure how many turns he had made. Or what direction he had just came [sic] from. Because, he was so worried about the thing that was following him. Steven started to sit down on a long, old, hollow, log, when he felt a tite [sic] hand, grip onto his brod [sic] sholder [sic]. Steven gasped a long hard gasp and gulped hard. His heart beat rapidly. He therefore plopped down on the big old log and the hand left his shoulder.

Then Steven heard the faint sound of rustling fall leaves mix [sic] up with the sound of trotting footsteps slowly fade away. And he looked back just in time to catch a glimpse of a tall figure leap behind some big bushes and some tall trees. The figure had a tall pointed hat and a pair of dark clothes.

By now there were darker clouds in the sky then [sic] Steven had ever seen before. "Thunder bumpers," he said, looking up. "Oh no." Which way was home? He just couldn't remember.

Steven was kind of disappointed because he couldn't see any stars or planets. He always loved to see the stars and planets. But he was also discouraged because the clouds were straight overhead by now.

"I've got to get out of here." Steven said with a worried look on his face.

He started walking wearrily [sic] forward. He would get out. He thoght [sic]. He had to get out. He kept walking for about an hour or so when he looked at the sky one last time. He was amazed to see that there were no clouds. Just then Steven heard the noise again. But, this time, the noise was coming from the way he was facing! Steven stayed calm as he slowly looked down from the dark sky. Then he closed his eyes, and took ten giant steps forward until he was facing some big old trees. He was glad to open his eyes and find himself standing in front of the trees. He was so glad in fact, that he started to laugh. Then, he suddenly stopped. He could still here [sic] laughter. It was coming from behind the trees.

Steven knelt down and moved some bushes out of his way so he could see. And to his great surprise, there right behind the trees, was the house.

Steven gasped as silently as he could. "The deserted house," he whispered.

"Ha! Ha!" cackled someone behind him.

Steven gasped and gulped again. Then he slowly turned around to find himself standing face to face with a witch. Steven almost fainted. But instead he screamed so loud that the witch ran away for fear Steven would get the attention of the sheriff.

Then Steven wasted no time in running through the forest until he came to the place where he had started from. And Steven started to jump for joy. Then he ran straight toward the meadow.

When he finally got home he burst through the door and ran straight to his room to unpack his backpack.


And there you have it.  Hope you enjoyed this piece of writing From the Vaults.


  1. Whew! That was a close call! I'm glad I had good lungs! :-)

    1. I know, right! And good reflexes for dodging trees in the dark.