Monday, November 3, 2014

All The Things

I'm finally getting my stuff, and 6 days before the deadline!

So, when you get out of the military, they move you back home.  Not just anywhere - it's either your home of record or the place you entered service, except I think if you're returning from being stationed overseas you get more leeway.  You've got six months from your date of separation for them to move all your stuff at their expense.  Since I didn't have an apartment out here by the time I left Georgia, they moved all my stuff to a storage unit.  As soon as I had an address for them out here, I let them know.

They moved my stuff out of storage two days before I moved into my apartment.  They have a couple of weeks to get your stuff across the country to you, so my no later than (NLT) date for receiving my stuff was 10 November.  A few days after they picked up my stuff, I got an ETA for its arrival - 10 November, go figure.

Anyway, this morning I got a wonderful phone call telling me the truck with my stuff on it was arriving in town tomorrow morning, and did that date work for me?

Yes!  Yes, it does.

Although it's been fun*^ camping out on a foam pad with my sleeping bag and camp pillow, having nowhere to put anything except a borrowed card table and the fireplace mantel, and having only this little old netbook for my computing needs, I am very much looking forward to having my bed, my dining room table and bookcases, and my desktop computer.  And my couch.*

Tomorrow will be a lovely day.

*And my writing desk!  And my books.  And my dishes, pots, pans, silverware, and small kitchen appliances.  And everything else.  I have too much stuff.

*^Edit: So...I read back over this, and realized I sounded sarcastic there.  I wasn't being sarcastic, though.  I really meant it!  It was fun, in it's own way.  I have a twisted sense of adventure, that's all.