Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Desk Chronicles, Part Two: Beneath the Surface

Welcome to another attempt to justify my deskical messiness.  I give you: The Desk.

You may remember this from last week.

The saga continues.

Today I shall be walking you through the interior contents of my beloved (yet unnamed)* writing desk.

I call it: The Stationary Drawer.

There are three shallow drawers in my writing desk: A narrow drawer on the left, a wide drawer in the middle, and a narrow drawer on the right.  What you see above is a picture of the drawer on the left.  This contains a veritable miscellany of mail-related items.

On the left is a stack of post cards, which will in the future be sent either to my friends in Georgia or my Compassion sponsored kids.  There's some random stuff underneath the stack of post cards, but they are the main item here. To the right of the post cards is my little address book and a bunch of post card and letter stamps.  To the right of those items are some cards with envelops (not pictured).

And that is how I keep up on most of my correspondence.

Next, the middle drawer:

Clockwise from the bottom left: An assortment of permanent markers, yellow highlighters, extra pens and pencils, and tubes of pencil erasers; Stacks of letters from my Compassion kids;** the welcome packets and other information about my sponsored kids, a piece of stationary for a letter to one of them, and some spare Compassion envelops; my old, blunt, scratched up pocket knife from Crater Lake, my good scissors, and a ruler; a little wooden tray that came with the desk and holds mechanical pencil lead, my red colored pencil, and a red, blue and black ink pen.  Somewhere in this drawer is also a cord that can be plugged into a wall outlet.  It's connected to a little power strip in the back of the desk, so I can plug things in right there if I need to.  I've never used it.

And finally, the drawer on the right:

This drawer has a variety of small office supplies, from the 3x5 lined note cards that I have loved ever since 9th grade German, to the colored tabs I use to mark pages and 3x5 lined note cards, to some address label things and a container of clear tacks I used to hang my Doctor Who exploding TARDIS poster in my children's book publishing classroom; there are note cards with Bible verses written on them and scotch tape; more thank you cards, an awesome Awesome Citation notepad, some sticky notes, and a thumb drive that's currently in my backpack.

Well... That appears to be it.  That's what's in the drawers.  Lots of Stuff.

*I once had a lovely Ikea desk named Alfie. It was a derivative of the desk's Ikea name, which I no longer remember.  Interestingly, that's the only desk I've ever named.

**That's one of the best things about sponsoring a kid through Compassion International - you get to exchange letters with them.

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