Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Desk Chronicles, Part Three: The Library

Welcome to the final installment of The Desk Chronicles!

This is the bookcase to the right of my writing desk (you can see a corner of the desk in the picture).  I have several bookcases, each holding a different assortment of books, and sometimes DVDs.  The bookcase at the end of the hall, for instance, houses mainly middle grade children's books.

This one by my writing desk houses the bulk of my academic library.  These are books that get my brain working on tropes and metaphors and the like, and make me feel smart and writerly.  They're also pretty neat!

The first shelf houses folklore, mythology and legends:

This is some really interesting stuff, I'm telling you.  I've mostly read the thinner volumes that you see, but I'm working on The Faerie Queene, and occasionally I'll read from the anthology tomes, like The Mabinogion and The Poetic Edda.  After I finish The Faerie Queene* I'll probably start in on Howard Pyle's The Story of King Arthur and His Knights.

The next shelf down holds my poetry collection:

Aside from The Word Exchange, each of the books on the left side of the shelf is comprised of a single poet.  The works on the right are miscellaneous.  There's Paradise Lost, some German poets, and a couple of anthologies.

Next we have the drama shelf:

Here we have a few anthologies, some TV and movie scripts, and a bunch of individual plays.  The ones on the right are in German, the rest are in English.  Someday I hope to have read all of them.  So far, I've made pretty good progress.

Next is the reference shelf.  These books are all more or less academic in nature.  Some are actually textbooks from past studies!

And finally, the bottom shelf.  This is a jumble of miscellaneous Stuff, but the books on the left are the important ones:

That concordance is great, and the I love my Matthew Henry's Commentary.  Good stuff.  They're on the bottom shelf because they're so big and heavy.

And there you have it, folks!  That's my home office, right there.  What does your home office look like?

*I intend to read the whole thing over the summer.


  1. The Discarded Image is on the boring shelf??!?!!?!?!!!?!!???

    1. Oh, lol! No, no - the *shelf* is "more boring" because there's no real unifying theme, not the *books* are boring. Sorry. Maybe I'll re-word that...