Monday, October 6, 2014

Marvelous Monday

Ah, the Pacific Northwest.  Home.  The land of my youth.

I haven't lived in Portland since I was six, although I grew up visiting relatives in the area, so it's kind of surreal to contemplate making a life here as an adult.  It should be considerably less surreal once I find my own apartment and get settled.

So, here's the run-down of my Portland experience so far:

1. I'm not actually in Portland yet - I'm crashing at Mom & Dad's in Vancouver while I look for a place in Portland.  But you know what?  Close enough.
2. It's warm and sunny - amazing!
3. I've eaten at Beaches.  Twice.
4. I had lunch with Aunt Mary and Aunt Debbie (and Mom).
5. I got to catch up with two of my best friends from college, Erica and Hillary, and met Erica's 3-month-old baby, Nathan (adorable little guy!).
6. I got to go for an evening walk with Hillary!!*
7. My To-Do List is well in hand - I already have a list of apartments to look at this week, and multiple plans for the weekend.

So, yeah.  Feeling pretty productive.  :)  Now, if you'll excuse me, I have an apartment to hunt.

*If you lived at Trinity House when I did, you know that The Evening Walk is a big deal.

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