Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Report: The Wilds of Fremont, Seattle

So, apparently my Friday posts are sometimes 'reports'.  I don't know why.  Just had a nice ring to it.

So what do I have to report?  Let's find out, shall we?*

Back on Tuesday I had my second full day in Seattle.  Ben and I went to Fremont to see the Troll, Lenin, and Theo Chocolate.  Observe:

Living under the bridge, the Troll has an actual VW Bug in its left hand.

Found in a field in Eastern Europe, this controversial
display demonstrates that art outlives politics.

They've got taste-tests for most of their chocolate bars.  Definitely worth
a visit.  Pretty much impossible to leave empty-handed.

Oh, and apparently Fremont is the Center of the Universe (sorry Boston).

And that concludes our report for this morning!  Hope you enjoyed it.

*It was meant to be a miscellany.  It turned out to be all about Fremont.  Which is, itself, sort of a miscellany, I guess...


  1. For the record, Boston is the Hub of the Universe.

  2. Yeah, I thought you'd probably say that. Same difference. :)