Monday, September 1, 2014

Wild Weekend

So, in case you don't know, I'm moving.  Out of state.  Out of region, actually.  From Georgia back to my home state of Oregon.  That's a pretty big move.

Because my church family here is awesome and southerners are ... southerners, I was thrown a big going-away / early birthday party extravaganza extraordinaire.  I have to say, it was pretty awesome.  My friend Jen knows how to throw a shin-dig!

So.  The party decorations were dual-themed.  The going away aspect included cross-country travel decor: a big plastic US map with my starting point and destination circled in dry erase marker and the mileage between the two dramatically written across the top; a map of Georgia; a map of Oregon; etc.  The birthday aspect was all-out Doctor Who themed.  :)

TARDIS birthday cake - it was bigger on the inside!  Seriously.

Aside from being tasty and turning everyone's teeth, lips and tongue blue, this cake was pretty awesome to look at.  :)  No, no the candles are not an actual representation of my age.  They are abstract.  Because from a non-linear, non-subjective perspective, time is actually a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey...stuff.

The letters.  Look at the letters on the mirror, not the skulking people.

 What's this?!  Graffiti?  At a private party?  I wonder what it means...

Ah, Blink.  First episode I ever saw.

The creativity continues with a reference to the first episode of Doctor Who that I ever saw, the one that started it all, the one that got me hooked, the one after which I said, "I'm in.  Let's go back to season 1 (2005) and watch them in order."  Good times.


Yes, well, it's not my favorite Doctor Who reference, and it acquired an extra letter in the party-planning chaos, but it's still awesome.  Ok?  Because it's a Doctor Who reference.  Got it?  Stop being so critical. I say Geromnimo now.  Geromnimos are cool.

Sunflowers, dahlias.  Potato, potahto.

So, I love this.  I, like Vincent, am not fond of sunflowers anyway, so I wasn't heartbroken that Jen was unable to find any and had to go with Dahlias (which I rather like) instead.  They're a good substitute, I think, because they're kind of like miniature, different colored, prettier sunflowers.  Anyway, if you weren't sure about the relevance, you can see the TARDIS blue tinted water they're drinking and the blue curlicue ribbons they're accompanying.  I thought they looked great.

There were other decorations, as well.  Star-shaped balloons (red and TARDIS blue); curly ribbon hanging from the kitchen lights with stars on the ends, representing the time vortex; plastic ware wrapped in blue napkins and tied with blue string and called Sonic Screwdrivers; and so on.

Plus, there was tons of food.  And there were games!  Those were hilarious.  Improve, acting, a pop-quiz, reminiscing.  Fantastic!

Thanks, everyone!  Not a party I'm going to forget.  :)


  1. I won't forget it... Or you! Safe travels and look out for herds of cows and old lady high heels.