Monday, September 29, 2014

More Adventures on the Road

Go on a road trip with someone.  You'll learn a few things about yourself, and about them.

For example, I have learned that I'm not always very good at matching up the maze of intricate streets in front of me with the image appearing on my GPS.  Had to backtrack a couple of times.  I've also learned not to get into heavy traffic with Mom, although technically I already knew that.  But it was confirmed.

You also learn things about the places you're driving through.  I learned that I-70 in Missouri and Kansas passes by a wealth of historical sites.  I discovered a part of Denver to not spend the night in.  And I found out that Topeka, Kansas has an excellent Barnes and Noble.

I also learned, thanks to Mom's coffee habit, that Starbucks has a series of 'You Are Here' mugs - different designs for different states and major cities.  They're kind of cool, and big enough to use for soup! You can only buy them at the location - very clever.

Part of the wrap-around image on the Colorado mug.  Very nice.

There's nothing like a road trip.  :)