Monday, September 15, 2014

Family Matters

Well, I don't know about you, but I had a full weekend.

On Saturday we all drove down to Otisco, Indiana, where the majority of my sister-in-law's family live.  It's a pretty area - hills and trees and small towns.  Lots of corn and soybean fields on the way.

The reason for this particular visit was my nephew Nehemiah's 2nd birthday party.  Nehemiah's birthday (September 10th) is the day after mine, and the exact day I left Afghanistan back in 2012 (if you don't worry about the time difference).  So off we went to the big family celebration.

Older brother Ezekiel watches as Nehemiah gets new toys.
Which Ezekiel promptly started playing with.*

It was a good time with the McCoy Clan.  We had fun eating dinner, watching Nehemiah get his presents, and mingling over cake and pie.

Everyone understands the candles except the birthday boy.*

On Sunday, we went to church in nearby Charlestown, where Meredith's Uncle Jimmy is the pastor.  It was a good message on Zephaniah (they're doing a series on the minor prophets), coupled with some lovely music - I learned a new song (new to me), called 'Behold Our God', which I really loved.

Following lunch at Bob Evans, Steven and I took Dad to the airport, then joined Mom and Meredith back home with the kids.

Kids, by the way, get tired.  And when they get tired, they get alternately fussy, clumsy, careless, spacey, and overly sensitive.  That was our evening.

Didn't bother me, though - I'm the Aunt.  Aunts don't have to wrangle sleepy youngsters.  :)

In other news, I started reading Lilith, by George MacDonald.  Don't know how I feel about it yet.  It's kind of an odd book.  I also spent some time on my poetry book, discussing cover design with Steven.  We settled on a design he's going to help me create, and on the front cover image.  Thanks, Steven!

All and all, a busy couple of days.  :)

*Photos by Penny Lulich

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