Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wednesday Not Really A Review: Toshiba Netbook


Yesterday the movers came and packed everything, and today they came and carted it all out to their truck.  Hence the lateness of the hour for this post.

I only kept the bare minimum items that I will need for the next month or so - everything else went into the moving truck.  It occurred to me too late that I should have kept my folding chair.  Now I'm sitting on my fireplace hearth while I type; there's nowhere else to go.

Another thing that was packed away was my primary computer.  This means I am relying on my lovely external hard drive and my hardworking little Netbook for all of my computing needs.

You know, this little Netbook and I have been through a lot together.*  It was my first major electronics purchase as an adult.  Certainly my first frivolous (at the time) major electronics purchase.  It's TARDIS blue, which is a pleasant coincidence (it was the only color they had in stock, and I had yet to see a single episode of that superlative show).  Most importantly, I took it with me to Afghanistan.

Yes, sir.  This little computer weathered more than seven months of cold, heat, dust, trans-continental travel and lots of experimentation to try and get the most out of the wretched internet service I had out there for a few months.  What a good computer.

Fond though I am of it, I am forced to acknowledge that, at 4 years of age, it's 'getting on'.  Its processing abilities were already limited simply by virtue of the fact that it's a Netbook.  Add to that outdated software, and pure old age, and it's running pretty slowly.

Someday soon, I shall have to get a new portable computing device of some kind.  We'll call my move from Georgia to Oregon its last hurrah.  I will miss seeing my USAF unit sticker and the Doctor Who Worlds in Time new paradigm Dalek sticker that I put on it while I was overseas.  :)

One last trip together, Netbook.  One last golden day in the sun.**

*Accidental Star Wars reference.
**Apologies for all the overly sentimental language and personification of an inanimate object.  It seemed like the thing to do...

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