Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Christmas Poems

A few years ago, I wrote a fun little poem about the last-minute purchase of my Christmas tree, and a long time ago, I wrote about how my brothers and I used to sneak out after Mom and Dad went to bed on Christmas Eve to lay on the floor by the tree, talking until we fell asleep.

I wrote another Christmas poem back in 2002,* when I was living in Germany as an exchange student my senior year of high school:

Oh Come, Ye Wise Men

Oh come, ye wise men;
Bring your gold,
And see the Child
Foretold of old.

Oh come, ye wise men;
Bring your incense
To the Christ
Who brought you hence.

Oh come, ye wise men;
Bring your myrrh
To Him who is
Before you were.

Oh come, ye wise men;
Worship and praise
The Lord of Hosts
All your days.

I love Christmas time, but until yesterday, those were the only Christmas poems I'd written.

I finished decorating my tree the other day, so last night, I decided to write another Christmas poem. I settled into my little overstuffed chair, happily situated between the tree and the heater. I put a little wool blanket that I received for Christmas in England when I was 16 on my lap. Christmas music wafted in from the computer in my office as I opened my poetry notebook and prepared to write by Christmas tree light. I happened to write the first line as Ginny Owens was singing “It Came Upon A Midnight Clear,” and I decided to write the rest of the poem to that melody.**

Good News

The Christmas hymns have all been sung;
The presents are under the tree,
Reminding us that wise men gave
Their gifts on bended knee.

“Fear not,” the angel said, and told
The shepherds in the night,
That Christ was born in Bethlehem
To set the world aright.

So God was laid in a manger,
Made low for all to see.
He lived to die on a wretched cross
To make the sinner free.

And now, ascended in glory,
Forgiving our endless sin,
The Lord of all will return one day,
And all will worship him.

Merry Christmas, everyone. :)

*In May, apparently.

**Apparently I should have been a lyricist.

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