Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Bit of Fun for Christmas


5 to 6-foot Douglas Firs
The day before Christmas Eve
Were just 5 bucks - I know, I know!
I could scarce believe.

I held my breath as they rang it up,
My nice little Christmas Tree.
Five dollars was right, plus 40¢ tax;
That's good enough for me!

I stopped for provisions before I went home,
For I had been gone for some time,
Then hurried on back to set up the tree
While humming an old Christmas rhyme.

So, listening to Sara Groves and Amy Grant
Sing Christmas songs new and old,
I wrangled the tree into the worst stand
That I ever hope to behold.

Finally, though leaning a bit,
The tree seemed fairly set.
Beneath it lay a red-green quilt
And I was fairly spent.

But!  Nothing daunted, I went on,
Unraveling the lights,
And layering them bit by bit
Until the tree shone bright.

Next I unpacked my ornaments
From Christmases gone by,
And new ones from my nephew, Zeke;
Then Grandma's caught my eye.

I hung each piece with equal joy,
Then added bulbs and such,
Distributing the colors so
No one spot had too much.

And then I finished (with the tree)
But there was more to do:
I set the mantle with some boughs
And dried-out berries, too.

I added lights (now it looks fine!)
And placed nutcrackers - see?
They're standing guard and looking fierce,
All made in Germany.

Poinsettias make the centerpiece
Above my stocking there,
And now the mantle's looking nice,
Where it had been so bare.

On top of my piano, next,
I set two lamps with pine,
And placed my first Nativity
Just so - it looks divine!

And now it feels like Christmas-time,
Despite the rainy skies;
It's nice and cozy in my house,
Much to my great surprise.

-23 December 2013
(C) Rachel Lulich


  1. LOVE it, Rachel! You are so talented. I could picture you in your place decorating all about. NOW it feels like Christmas! I love it!

  2. Do you have any pictures?? Where are you now?

  3. I put some pictures up on facebook. I'm still in Georgia. :)