Monday, February 23, 2015

Looking Ahead

It's crunch time in college right now - just a couple of weeks left in the term, everything that can possibly be due is coming due.  I'm also trying to work on a couple of writing projects on the side.

So what does this mean?  It means I may not be blogging quite as often as I have in the past.  You've already seen a little of this, as I have occasionally missed a Friday, a Saturday, or both.  I WILL be doing a Wednesday Review this week, and I think I'll do another From the Vaults this weekend, but beyond that, I can make no promises.

I'm almost done with a post for my other blog, which will give you a nice visual depiction of the process of publishing a poetry book, from start (handwritten poem drafts) to finish (actual hard-copy book available for purchase!!).

Speaking of which....  Buy my book!

On a totally unrelated note, leafless trees are awesome looking, especially against a sunset sky.

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