Monday, May 7, 2018

The Hugo Chronicles: Catting

Hugo has been learning to cat. I think he already knew how to cat, but he was such a scared little guy, he wasn't comfortable catting. As he continues to settle in here, he also continues to cat more and more.*

Hugo, surveying the realm.

For instance, he now regularly weaves in and out of my legs when I'm in the kitchen. This has caused a few accidental shovings when I've turned to cross the room without realizing that at that very moment, Hugo was trying to rub against the back of my legs. Thankfully, he doesn't do this when I'm walking through the main part of the condo.

Hugo has become great at playing, both with me and by himself. He has also warmed up to his cat tree, which he enjoys using as a stepping stool to get to the big mantle high above my fireplace. The other day, he discovered the strategic cover offered by my stairs. From there, he can plot his surprise advance. Stealth achievement: unlocked.

He blends in too.

Lying in wait.

He has also developed a bit of pickiness when it comes to food, but not so much that he's really difficult; we're working on that one.

Uh oh. I think he knows we're talking about him...

All in all, Hugo's turning out to be a great cat. He's fairly chill, and although he loves being pet, groomed, and having his face rubbed, he does not love letting me get close enough to do all those things.** I did manage to get him to sit next to me on the couch for a full minute of petting earlier today, so we're making progress.

*I know I'm using a noun as a verb here, and I know it upsets some people, but I find it occasionally delightful, as in this case. My apologies to grammarians everywhere.

**He had ear mites and I had to nab him twice a day for two weeks right after I got him to put drops in his ears. It eroded his trust. We're slowly building it back.

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  1. Hugo is adorable and I'm sure he will be an expert at catting in no time. :)