Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Time Management

So, the last few weeks have been little weird.  You know - I was crashing on my parent's couch while I looked for and waited to move into an apartment.  Then I moved into my apartment with no furniture or anything.  Camped out like that for about a week, week and a half.  Then the movers brought all my stuff.

Since then, I've been unpacking, sorting, organizing, reading, and participating in NaNoWriMo.  I've seen friends and relatives I haven't seen much of for years.  Started going to church at Lake Bible, conveniently located within easy walking distance.  I've been making work-related and school-related plans and doing all the small tasks associated with those things.

Yesterday was Veterans' Day and I was with people and doing things from mid-morning to evening.  Today I'm spending time with Mom and going to a Christian ladies' luncheon.  This weekend I'm heading for Seattle to visit Ben and go to a concert.

So you see, in spite of being between jobs and not starting school yet, life has been busy.  Other than the writing I've done, my most productive time here at home has been getting on YouTube and listening to Ravi Zacharias.  He gave five talks at a Youth for Christ International gathering about a month ago, and they are so worth listening to.  Mind you, I've listened to Ravi quite a lot over the last few years; I've heard all his stories multiple times.  But I find that if I listen to the talks and sermons he gives to Christian audiences, there will always be something there that I haven't heard before, or something that I need to hear again; something encouraging, something challenging, something that gets me thinking.  In a series of five talks like this one, you'll hear all those things.

So as I look at my mental to-do list and compare it with my mental calendar, it can be a bit daunting.  But I'm encouraged by things like Ravi's talks.  In my head, I've had certain things prioritized, and certain things I know I need to move around on that descending order.  I have a rough plan for how to spend the day - when to get up, for example, and when to blog.  I also have a couple of rules about how I spend my time during the day.  Movies aren't currently a temptation, but if they were, they are only for 'free time', after I've accomplished certain other things.  I won't go to bed without writing for at least NaNoWriMo, and writing and Ravi are the only acceptable activities for staying up past my intended bed time.  I need to get back in the habit of journaling and reading my Bible before going to bed, as well.  I'm already back to reading a devotional in the morning, but that's not sufficient.

My whole life is still in flux at the moment, and therefore so is my rough schedule, but it's a start.  It'll firm up when I start filling it with hours at work and school, and then time management will come more naturally.  When the use of all 24-hours are entirely up to me, that skill is a little harder to apply.  So pray for me to be disciplined (and to get enough sleep!).

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